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Certifying Authenticity Coaches and Speakers
Authenticity Coaching
Leading Authentic Voice Doctor
Labyrinth Facilitation
Authenticity Grid

Welcome to Global Authenticity Movement!

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We are an organization of change agents who are committed to helping people navigate their journey through life. Our approach is to help you know yourself on a deep level which we refer to as your ‘authenticity’ or your ‘authentic voice’. We believe in the value and the power of self-knowledge as the foundation for success, personal joy and strengthening the human spirit.

This site is for you if you:
• Want to find your authentic place in the world
• Seek to understand yourself on a deeper level
• Are not fulfilled by what you do each day
• Recognize that there is more to life than making money and you want to be connected to it
• Have a calling from within that you cannot ignore
• Are ready to transform your life
• Want your children to do the same

The programs and services offered by Global Authenticity Movement are designed to help you gain new views of you. We build authenticity in a variety of ways beginning with helping you understand yourself at a deeper and more profound level. We believe that with self-knowledge you can conquer anything.

Start the process by taking the Authenticity Assessment. Then if you qualify, take advantage of a complimentary one-on-one with an Authenticity Coach. Learn how you can tweak your life to be authentic and joyful in all that you do.

We want to help you find, live and share the authentic joy that only you can express.

With Love and Authenticity,


Click Here to take the Authenticity Assessment