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Your True Self – Fully Expressed

Meet Norma T. Hollis
America’s Leading Authentic
Voice Doctor®

Transformational Artist ~ Visionary
Advocate of the Human Spirit

Leading Authentic Voice Doctor
Labyrinth Facilitator
Authenticity Coach
Children Spirituality Advocate
Norma Speaker Trainer
Authenticity Grid

America\'s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor

Norma T. Hollis believes in the strength of the human spirit. She is a multi-gifted, prolific woman who expresses herself as a mentor, speaker and trainer. Her passion is creating programs and practices that help people find, live and share the spirit that lives within. She transforms lives with her unique gift of discovering practical application to complex ideas. Take authenticity. Norma studied authenticity as it relates to the human spirit for over 30 years. Her programs build authenticity in a variety of groups including young children, professional speakers, adults and work groups. Her multi-dimensional perspectives on humanity and what it means to honor the human spirit are giving people greater clarity and confirmation of their reason for being on this planet. Her programs also inspire people with the courage to claim their authentic life path. Norma helps people learn how to live with the joy that accompanies the deep level of self-knowledge that comes when their human spirit quests for what is real.

With Love and Authenticity,